Of Frustrations When Moving Back Home

I recently moved back home, because it makes sense financially. I don’t have much savings to live off of, and with what little I have, I would rather spend it on investing for projects I want to pursue. But because I lived in North America for awhile my family here in South America thinks that I’m made out of money.

My family can be classified as upper/middle class over here, well at least if we think of family in the extended sense. It’s an expectation for parents to pay for school/ help out their kids over here but that didn’t happen to me while I’m in N. America. So when I come home, I’m expected to bring presents/ treat everyone.

When I asked my aunt about meeting up, she asked me for a gift. I told her, I don’t have any because I’m moving home since I’m broke. She jokingly said “you still don’t have savings” or maybe it wasn’t a joke even.

It’s frustrating for me because, unlike my cousins, I had to take student loans out for college. Unlike my cousins, nobody went to my graduation – I didn’t even walk. Unlike my cousins I don’t get christmas money or birthday money. Unlike my cousins I paid for rent. So I think it’s so unfair that the expectation of me having my shit together seems a bit high. I already feel like shit that I don’t have my shit together. I’m just annoyed with the misconception that everyone that moves to the Western World thrives.

I didn’t… and it’s also largely because of abusive father but that’s another topic. I’m feeling a little down after this move. My lifestyle is a definite downgrade, but I plan on using my “educated-in-north-america” card as much as I can in order to open doors and thrive here, and there and everywhere.