Almost There

I’m almost home! It’s a major step financially and career wise, and I’m not so sure if it’s the right call still. But they say do something uncomfortable. I know I need the change for many reasons. In case I forget why I am doing this here is a list of reasons to remind me.

  1. I need to not be in the same country with 1 or 2 exes. – It’s just unhealthy right now. Someday maybe we can occupy the same space without feeling regret/ sad/ unloved but as of now I need to be able to wish them happiness without feeling small.
  2. I can’t afford my city. I don’t have a secure job and living there is becoming more of a survival task rather than a thriving task.
  3. I want to have a better relationship with my mom and brother, and that’s difficult with a 4000 mile distance.
  4. I can start my own practice in South America for way cheaper than starting it in the US.
  5. I need new people and be in the environment that I want to eventually have impact on.

Dear Me,

You can do this. This is the right call. I know you’ll miss your friends but when you’re back on your feet you can come back and visit them. As often as you’d like maybe you can just put it in your budget. You can do so much with the little savings/ money you have. It would also be easier to start your digital projects when you’re in a place where your living expense is not that much.

You can do this. I promise you can. Just keep going, you’re improving and you’re growing. In one year, you’ll look back at this and know this was the right call.