Today was a win!

My past employer was not a good place to work so I quit. I’m not one to use social services provided by my country, but this time I was left with no choice but to claim unemployment. And it was approved. Not only that, the letter actually said that my past job was doing illegal activities and therefore my reason for quitting was a valid one.

I feel bad for telling on them, but at the same time I was way too weak and complicit. I can’t be like that anymore. What was it they say? It’s easy for evil to win, if good guys do nothing? Also, their illegal activities – not paying employees on time – really affected my financial situation! So thank you government for the support. I won’t take advantage I swear. As soon as I have a new job or contract, I will stop my claims. It’s time to untangle that horrible knot that, is my financial life. Today was a win.

Life Lesson: If your employers don’t treat you well, quit. Because the government has your back, especially if it’s something as basic as not paying you on time.


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